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Library Databases

Culture Grams - for Country Specific Research


Culture/Time Periods


Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia)

British Museum: Mesopotamia

University of Chicago: The Oriental Institute presents Mesopotamia

Trackstar: Cultures Attributes of Mesopotamia (Fertile Crescent) Collapse of Mesopotamia

Ancient West Asia for Kids

Daily Life in Mesopotamia

The Light of People Cultures: Mesopotamia

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: The Near East

Ancient Scripts


Babylonia: Country, Language, Religion, Culture

The Fertile Crescent


Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fail?

The Mesopotamian History

Mesopotamia and the City of Sumeria ,

The Fall of Mesopotamia

World History: Who Are the Hebrews?

Ancient Western Asia and the Civilization of Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Explore the Land of Ur



BBC: Interactive maps of the spread of different religions throughout history

British Museum: Ancient India

The Ancient Indus Civilization

Around the Indus in 90 Slides

Timeline of India

Indus Valley

Ancient India

India: History

Indus Valley

The Indus Valley and Hindus


China Ancient China

History for Ancient China


Pre-Columbia Civilizations

Mayan Mayan

Interactive Mayan Map

Collapse of the Mayan Civilization

Courtly Art of the Ancient Mayan

Maya Adventure

The Mayan Calendar

The Maya Astronomy Page


Ancient Greece

BBC: Ancient Greece

Odyssey: Ancient Greece

Mr. Ancient Greece

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Adventures in Time and Place: Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization

The History of Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks


Ancient Rome

BBC: The Romans

Odyssey: Ancient Rome

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Rome

Life in Roman Times

History for Kids: Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome: Mr. Donn's Lessons & Activities

Ancient Rome

The Roman Empire

Pompeii: Unraveling Ancient Mysteries

Ancient World's The Roman World

Roman Timeline

Who Were the Romans?


Exploring Ancient World Cultures

An Introduction to Ancient Rome

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome

Rome Project



Odyssey: Africa

Wonders of the African World


Middle Ages

Middle Ages - History for Kids Feudal Life



Renaissance Connections The Renaissance