Animals & Habitats

Kids Com - Animals of the World

DesertUSA - Desert Animals

San Diego Zoo - Games

Enchanted Learning - Zoom School

National Geographic for Kids - Animals & Pets

Desert Pictures - Plants and Animals Habitats

Science Zone - Animal Habitats

Science Zone - Animal Sorting

Animal Habitats

Sheppard Software's Kids Corner - Animals

Sheppard Software's Kids Corner - Animals

BBC - Teeth and Eating - Carnivore, Omnivore, and Herbivore

Scholastic Study Jams: Animal Adaptations



Let's Talk About Insects


Earth's Cycles

Crickweb - The Water Cycle

Drinking Water & The Water Cycle for Kids - links about the Water Cycle


Elements & Periodic Table

Royal Society of Chemistry - Periodic Table

Sheppard Software - Periodic Table

Funbrain - Periodic Table Game

Jefferson Lab - Element Hangman

Jefferson Lab - It's Elemental - The Periodic Table of Elements

Jefferson Lab - Element Flash Cards

Jefferson Lab - Element Crossword Puzzles

Jefferson Lab - Element Word Scramble

Jefferson Lab - Element Concentration Game

Jefferson Lab - Element Matching Game


Energy & Electricity

U.S. Energy Information Administration - Energy Kids


General Science

BBC - Science Games & Quizzes

Recycle City

Poodwaddle World Clock




FCPS Healthy Snack Calculator

USDA Blast Off Game

USDA Choose My Plate Information



BBC Schools - Magnets & Springs

Engineering Interact - Magnet Module

Engineering Interact - Magnet Question


Making Work Easier

Ed Heads - Simple Machines

Ed Heads - Compound Machines

Beacon Learning Center - How Can We Move Our Principal?

Quia - Simple Machine Match

Simple Machines Learning Site

Beacon Learning Center - Simple Machines

Simple Machines Used in Elevators


Micro to Macro

Scholastic Study Jams: Animal Cells

Scholastic Study Jams: Plant Cells

Scholastic Study Jams: The Kingdoms of Life



Science Zone - Plants

Turtle Diary - Plant Life Cycle Video

BrainPop - Plant Life Cycle Sequence Activity

BBC - Plant Parts & Life Cycle

Science Kids - Flower Dissection

MakeMeGenius Video: Plant Parts and Functions of Different Parts

Scholastic Study Jams: Photosynthesis


Rocks, Minerals, and Soil

Rock Hounds

Science Net Links - Rocks Slideshow

K Science - Rock Cycle Animation


Solar System / Astronomy

NASA - Solar System

Harcourt School - Phases of the Moon

NASA - Mars Exploration Rovers


States of Matter

Science Zone - Solids, Liquids, and Gases



University of Illinois - A Walk in the Woods

Arbor Day Foundation - The Life of a Tree



WeatherBug Achieve

UCAR's Web Weather for Kids

Barkley Interactive's Make-A-Snowflake

Explore Learning - Snowflake Designer

Ed Heads - Weather



Discovery Kids: Worm World

The Adventures of Herman the Worm