2021-22 Kindergarten Orientation

We’re excited to meet our newest stars next year!  This page is intended to help new kindergarten parents learn about Kindergarten.  All of the videos were originally shown at our orientation meeting on May 24.  If you missed it, no worries.  Please watch and learn.  If you ever have any questions, call school (703-713-3000 – we’re open all summer) or email the administration.  You can begin the registration process HERE on the Coates website.

Watch this video to learn about the typical Kindergarten day and how to prepare your child for school.  Thanks to our awesome Kindergarten teachers for creating this!

The school health room can support your child's health needs.

Our parent liaison is a terrific resource for all families.

Get started with the registration process

Some frequently asked questions are answered below.  Click on the question to see the answer.

When is the first day of school?

August 23

When will I find out my child’s teacher?

You will receive a message via mail or email during the week of August 16.  Expect to be invited to a Back to School event prior to the first day of school.  Date TBD.  Watch Coates social media.

My child rides the bus. When will I receive the bus schedule?

:  Most years, the schedule for your bus stop will be sent to you along with your class placement letter during the week of Aug. 16.   The FCPS Transportation Office determines bus schedules and provides it to Coates.

Where can I find the FCPS curriculum for Kindergarten?

How can I get my child ready for Kindergarten?

Watch the first video above to get specific tips from the K teachers.  If your child is reading, and you want to continue to appropriately support his/her reading skills, the Coates website has short video and other resources.  Go here.

Is there a dress code?

 Dress your child comfortably for learning and playing.  We recommend sneakers since we have recess every day and physical education class at least twice per week.  We do not wear hats or hoods at school.  Head coverings for religious or medical reasons are always OK.

What’s the school lunch menu? How do we pay for school lunch?

:  FCPS publishes it monthly and has a predicable menu.   You may preload your child’s lunch account with money through MySchoolBucks.  Kids may also bring lunch from home.  If you qualify for free/reduced lunch prices, our office can provide an application to you.

What’s the typical class size at Coates for Kindergarten?

We typically have between 20-24 students in each class.  Each class has a teacher and full-time assistant.  Learn about our awesome teachers here.

How can I stay informed about what’s going on at Coates?

Subscribe to FCPS News You Choose and select Coates.  Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.