What Makes Us Special

We want all of our kids and families to feel welcomed, appreciated, and safe when they walk through our doors.  There’s a warmth and sense of connection that parents have commented on when they spend time in the school building or with their children’s teachers.  This is the culture we’re constantly nurturing at Coates.

Our community is diverse and supportive, and we have over 40 languages spoken in the homes of our families.  We have teachers and staff members from all across the globe, and we view our multiculturalism as a strength. It shows our children how to appreciate others’ uniqueness and our common greatness.  Our families are happy to partner with us, and we’re proud of our Family Engagement Survey results.  Check them out here.

We have rising test scores, and strong academics is our priority.  Some of the websites that rate schools don’t come close to capturing the awesomeness of the school (some that rely only on test scores don’t even update SOL data each year!).  Check our vision and mission, refer to sites that are more holistic in their approach to rankings, and consider our approach to instruction and pushing for higher level learning opportunities for our students.

We also take seriously our responsibility to promote character in our students.  We have clear rules and logical consequences for students, but more importantly, we devote class time to explicitly teaching and reinforcing character.  We are proud to be part of the Positivity Project along with many schools throughout the nation. 

You won’t find another group a teachers with a bigger heart for kids.  Our students’ areas of growth are ours too.  Our students’ successes fill us with pride.  Everyone who works here is a make-a-difference kind of person, and we look forward to bringing your child into the Coates family!