Why Work at Coates?

Did you become a teacher because you want to make a difference for kids?

Do you love the art and science of teaching and want to work in a school where ongoing, high-quality professional development is a priority?

Do you believe that a “no excuses” attitude toward student learning can be compatible with a positive and joyful learning environment?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you might belong here.  We are looking for great teachers – experienced and new – who have a sense of mission about their work, who will demonstrate unconditional positive regard for their students, and will be unashamed to geek out on instructional strategies.  

We offer a 1:1 laptop to student experience in grades 4-6, we have an instructional coach who specializes in helping individual teachers develop their skills, and our teams plan reading and math lessons collaboratively each week.  We’re relentless in our intervention work with kids and we push enrichment, character, and real life skills for all students.  We have a racially and ethnically diverse student body, and we celebrate our multiculturalism and how it mirrors the real world.  We want like-minded teachers and staff members to join our team and help us continue to make Coates a special experience for all.  Check out our mission statement.  It’s not just words – it’s WHY we do what we do at Coates. 

Resumes with references with contact information may be emailed directly to the principal at [email protected]