Instruction at Coates

Coates teachers are well-trained in best instructional practices.  We follow the FCPS curricula, which is aligned to the Virginia standards of learning (SOLs) and promotes higher level thinking skills as noted in the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate and the Coates Mission.

We use a workshop model in reading, writing & math classes.  In a workshop model, the teacher provides some explicit instruction and/or modeling of new skills, and students are given ample time to work/practice to apply what they’re learning, and teachers meet regularly with small groups so that learning can be customized to meet specific needs (e.g., students reading or demonstrating math skills at a high level would work on texts or content that matched their skills).

Our science instruction includes regular use of hands-on materials to promote discovery and experimental design.  In social studies, we embrace opportunities to use projects that make history, economics, civics, and geography come alive!

Our PE, Art & Music departments are amazing at teaching specific skills in the FCPS curriculum and elevating lessons so that big picture ideas like collaboration, self-improvement and reflection, grit, and risk-taking are baked in to the experience for students.