Donate to Coates/Become a Business Partner

Become a Business Partner

Like most schools in FCPS, Coates has benefited from business and faith-based partners who donate time, money or other resources to the school.  We especially appreciate Open Door Presbyterian Church for their volunteerism in helping to run our Fall Festival and their funding of several teacher appreciation events, Heritage Fellowship Church in Reston for their incredibly generous financial donations that have helped Coates overhaul our aging technology (we now have a 1:1 laptop to student ratio in grades 3-6!), Charon Technologies for their student mentorship and subsidization of field trip costs, McLean Bible Church for their food donations for needy families.  There are other local businesses who have donated stationary, student school supplies, equipment, holiday gifts for families and more!  We’re lucky to be surrounded by generous organizations who want to help families in their community!

If you’d like to make a single donation to Coates or become an ongoing business partner, please contact our acting principal , Mrs. King at [email protected] .  They can tell you the current needs of the school.  Donations to FCPS are tax-exempt, and it’s an easy process to obtain documentation of your charitable giving.

Business and Community Partnerships

The Business and Community Partnerships office’s primary functions are to recruit and supports Ignite Partnerships, serve as a liaison to local Chambers of Commerce and other community organizations, help lead the annual Collect for Kids school supply drive, manage the FCPS Donations Portal for donated goods, and promote the Savings for Staff merchant discount program.

In the last decade, the Business & Community Partnerships team has helped secure over ten million dollars in donations of money and valued goods through partnerships and direct donations, not including the value of volunteer hours contributed by partners and mentors.