Ms. White Recognized as FCPS 2020 Region 5 Outstanding Elementary New Teacher

By Department of Human Resources
January 08, 2021

kaitlin whiteCongratulations to fifth-grade teacher Kaitlin White who was recognized as the FCPS 2020 Region 5 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher and one of five finalists for the 2020 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Award!

Kaitlin’s classroom is full to the brim with high, rigorous academic expectations, but the laughter, fun, and creativity that flows through the room convince her students that those expectations can be easily met. From turning math-anxious students into practicing mathematicians to fostering a growth mindset with the power of “yet,” Kaitlin focuses on students developing the belief in themselves that they can do hard things while also applying that mentality to themselves by becoming a teacher leader and mentor teacher. Whether her students are producing green screen videos, developing characters for the Star Fantasy Convention she holds, or creating chapbooks for the upcoming poetry slam, Kaitlin’s class consistently engages with Portrait of a Graduate skills to become bold, independent thinkers.